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REELS Page 2

Perry Gothic is the name of the font used in the title, I thought it was quite cool

A new reel for you so just ĎPipe Downí

I wrote this when I was doing the MP3 for Pipe Down, as its the tune that follows I couldnít think of what else to call it :)

Here is another false fingering ĎCí tune, I sometimes play this instead of Andy Wrenicks Ferret as its shorter. The notes that are RED are false fingered. In the new MP3 tune The Imps is the middle one :)

Well Iím back writing again, more new tunes to come out of this old head yet, but Im facing a Time Crisis.

Named after the Piping Software that I use. Piobmaster, see the links page.

Two Tree Island is in Essex, England. I donít know if it has only two trees!

My GHB XP, this is a bit of a pun really, My GHB (Great Highland Bagpipe) that I donít play anymore is now played on my computer XP. I know donít give up the day job! This is the last tune on the Runs Set MP3

Mr Magpie Set. This is a set of three reels, the first one is quite fiddly with false fingering on the C and F, these notes are marked in red. I see lots of Magpies driving to work every day, they really are very beautiful close up, it is a british (I think) bird that is black and white.