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REELS Page 1

Do you remember the exercises on the chanter when you were learning? Remember how you couldn't wait to start playing a tune? Well when I was instructing the Potential Pipers course at Edinburgh Castle , I came up with this little tune to help inspire the young lads enthusiasm. It worked when I taught at Glencourse for two years as well.

The Runs Set

The Canary is a simple effective tune that works well as a reel also see the Jigs page!

The Kelt is the font I use on my tunes I thought it was a good name. (Irish influence, played round)

Another EZ Reel, Orange Walk is a town in Belize, Central America. I met my Guatemalan wife Dora in Belize in 1979.

Stan Creek is another mysteriously named place in Belize.

EZ Fingers, Here is a reel that I have played around with for some time, that is why it ended up with six parts, you could always leave out the parts you donít need if you are going to fit it into a set,

This reel is named after my mate Keith Henderson, a former 2 Royal Irish, C Coy mate, we did basic training together way back in 1977, he left the Army in Tidworth and we recently got together for the first time in 20 years

I wrote this to play after the Bumpy Old Road, hence the name Tarmac!