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On 1 July 1968 the new Regiment came into being with its battalions at Worcester (1st), Gibraltar (2nd) and Catterick (3rd). However, the new battalions were not heirs simply to the traditions of the Regiments which they had been until 30 June. Those traditions had been "mixed" across the new Regiment and its full title - The Royal Irish Rangers (27th Inniskilling 83rd & 87th) showed how the spirits of the old regiments had been retained. From the mixing of fusiliers and riflemen came a unique musical blend of bugles, pipes and drums that gave the new Regiment a unique distinction

On the amalgamation of the Royal Irish rangers and the Ulster Defence regiment on the 1st July 1993, I wanted to write a ‘finale’ piece of music, I wanted to include the unique formation of the Bugles, the Pipes and Drums and the Regimental Band. I wrote this piece and thought about the many times the Rangers had been away from their families and loved ones, serving around the many parts of the world. I decided to call this ‘The Rangers Recall’ There is only a bagpipe music sheet for this tune as I do not have the knowledge to make scores for Bugles and Band. Here is an MP3 version, click on the link below. It’s a little sad that the tune will not be played by those it was meant for as they are now integrated into the Royal Irish Regiment, so I dedicate this tune to the future of a ‘Rangers Recall’.

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