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Rangers Lament was composed by Pipe Major Mickey Moore, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Rangers, it was originally a concert piece accompanied by the Regimental Band and was usually played at The ‘Beating of the Retreat’ after the Buglers played ‘The Last Post’. Later, in the history of the Royal Irish Rangers the 2nd Battalion adopted this haunting lament as the Regimental Funeral Lament and was used in replacement of ‘Flowers of the Forest’ by myself at the funeral of Ranger C.J. Smith QGM. Ranger Cyril Smith was murdered in a proxy car bomb attack at a vehicle checkpoint outside Newry on 24 October 1990. Cyril Smith was a professional, well respected and highly motivated soldier with only six weeks left to serve at the time of his death. When made aware of the imminent explosion he chose to raise the alarm that his comrades might find safety with complete disregard to himself. His actions undoubtedly saved a greater loss of life and he was posthumously awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal

This is the Bagpipe solo version

This is combined Pipes & Band version