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This page is for Bagpipe Marches

These two tunes were written for the amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers and the Ulster Defence Regiment they were supposed to be played at the Vesting day parade in Lemgo, Germany on 30th June 1992 by the Regimental Band, Bugles, Pipes and Drums of 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rangers. At the time I was the Pipe Major and had written these tunes to be played accompanied by the band. Unfortunately the Bandmaster could not be bothered to compose the band parts for the tunes as he was very lazy, so the tunes were played by the Pipes and Drums on their own, they are simple to learn and can be very effective with simple harmony's, the following tune “2nd to None” is added to make a good marching set.


Cattle Landing is named after the place in Belize where I got married in 1980, it goes very well wit the following tune Rangers of Iraq

Rangers of Iraq, Written for my former regiment who helped in the conflict to free Iraq

A simple March for getting from A to B or using in a grade 4 set, sorry no music to listen to on this one yet.