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Jigs Page 2

Wolfstone is named after one of my favourite Folk Rock bands

‘C’ the ‘F’ in Natural, bit of a play on words here, the ‘C’ notes in red are false fingered C Natural  and the ‘F’ notes in red are also false fingered.

A bit Faster

Slow version

The First Steps, a simple jig, the last tune on the East Beach Mp3 set.

Here is the Jig version of Peel Avenue, I did this for fun on the MP3 for Peel Avenue.


Lemgo is a small town in Germany, this was the final posting for The 2nd Bn The Royal Irish Rangers


Two 9/8 jigs or sometimes called “slip jigs” There is a false fingered F and some slides in these, listen to the mp3 to hear them. Note: no piob file (cannot play false notes)