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Jigs Page 1

The Canary is a simple effective tune that works well as a Jig ar a Reel

   NEW! MP3      East Beach Jigs Set

Mudchute is one of the stations on the Dockland Light Railway, I recently amended this, I think the changes make it better. False finger the C in the third part (listen to MP3)

East Beach is about 400 yds from where I live.

Brandy is my female dog, see no sleaze on this site!

CAYO, An EZ jig named after the district where I met my wife Dora. You can easily slur or slide the note from C to D and D to E as marked on the tune. I know this is frowned upon by several pipers and teachers but I see no harm in copying the techniques used on the other Celtic instruments if used in the appropriate place like party's etc.

A Jig I wrote for my son Dean, he has very long and bendy fingers and he is always cracking his knuckles, which Im sure doesn’t help!

My wife Dora does a mean banana bread and bakes loads of cakes etc. This is a tribute to her ‘Delia Smith’ prowess! See! Nothing rude about Pigs!

Two EZ Jigs, the first was named by Dean when he said it sounded like you were ‘going somewhere’ the second is called ‘Mayan’ for my wife Dora

An EZ jig I named for my wife Dora, on the new MP3 its has a slow introduction.

Wee Geordie is named after Pipe Major Geordie Richmond of 2nd Bn The Royal Irish Rangers

A very simple jig, very simple like my daughter Shirley’s Cat ‘Cleo’.