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Hornpipes Page

Here is a Hornpipe/March (well people do march to them sometimes) I considered calling it ‘Busy Birl’ but decided on Tolkien, my little tribute to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

My favourite tune, a bit syncopated but very lively and good fun. Peel Avenue is the street where I live.

Chanter Version

This version has accompaniment and starts with the Jig version

This tune was written by Pipe Major Robert Pinkman of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers Regiment in about 1987. Robert is one of the most famous ‘unknown’ composers in the piping world, all pipe bands have played his tune but hardly anyone knows who wrote it. The tune? ITCHY FINGERS. I remember one day I was playing around on the pipes and I played a four part version of Itchy Fingers that I had been mucking around with, he gave me such a bollocking for ‘plagiarising’ around with his tune!  I don’t know if ‘Tracy Bear’ has ever been published or is played by any of the bands, I served with Rob in Glencourse, he was the Pipe Major at the Army School of Piping, as I passed his office one day I heard him playing this tune on the chanter, he was composing it at the time, when he had finished he gave me a copy and it has always been one of my favourite tunes. As I am no longer in contact with Rob I hope he doesn’t mind me putting his tune up on my site. I think it deserves its own little place.

Tracy Bear, Stan Creek & Tolkien MP3